Nigeria police arrest officer filmed collecting bribe (Photos)

The Nigeria police said they have arrested one of their officers who was caught on camera collecting bribe from a motorist. The video went viral on Saturday after it was posted on Instagram and Twitter.

The officer has been identified as Onuh Makedomu, a non-commissioned officer, with Force No.431625, according to a statement issued on Sunday by the Force Headquarters, Abuja.

The statement, signed by the force spokesperson, Frank Mba, said Mr Makedomu, a sergeant, was attached to 49 PMF but was on special duty with the Safer Highways Patrol, Lagos, during the incident.

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As seen in the four-minute video, Mr Makedomu, apart from demanding and collecting the bribe from the motorist, went on to lie to his colleagues that he collected N5,000. He pocketed N10,000 out of the N15,000 he got from the motorist.

“This one, it is a secret I am trying to tell you,” the officer who was on the passenger’s seat, besides the driver, said to the motorist as he began negotiating how to outsmart his fellow cops who were apparently expecting the bribe.

“You will bring N10,000 out of this money, give to that guy. You hear me? For there, you go tell them say na N5,000 you give me.”

The motorist counted N10,000 from a wad of N1,000 notes, gave it to the officer who went on to make a call, apparently to his superior and pleaded on behalf of the motorist. He lied in the phone conversation that the motorist gave him N5,000.

“How we go do for this guy, e no even get money!” he said on the phone.

Mr Makedomu wore a police uniform and was holding a rifle during the incident.

Mr Mba, a deputy commissioner of police, said in the statement that the bribe-taking officer has “since been identified and arrested” and that he was “undergoing Orderly Room trial on a two-count charge of Discreditable Conduct and Corrupt Practices at the Provost department of the Lagos State Police Command”.

The statement described the motorist as a “good citizen who courageously brought the inglorious act of the officer to the public domain.”

Mr Mba said the Inspector General of Police has asked the motorist to meet with the police public relations officer, Lagos State Command, to get back his money.




– Premium Times

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  1. if everybody starts doing this they will behave themselves.If you’re afraid to record video make sure you record audio and make sure u get his/her name.This nonsense has to stop.

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