Seven People Monitoring You On Social Media

Nowadays, people tend to monitor social media activities via comments, user engagements, online chats, threads, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Social media monitoring is a process of using social media channels to track, gather and mine the information and data of certain individuals or groups. It is also aimed at assessing their reputation and discerning how these are perceived online.

Who Is Likely Monitoring You?


Parents are very much concerned about the usage of social media by their wards. According to a study in 2016 by Pew Research Center survey, parents take a wide range of actions to monitor their teens’ online lives and to encourage their children to use technology in appropriate and responsible manners.


Security Agencies

One area that has implication for the national security of a country is its citizen’s engagement on the use of social media. Some countries have ordered its security agencies on massive surveillance on its citizens’ social media accounts, which have caused serious concerns about free speech, racial and religious profiling, and privacy.



Most couples surf through their partners’ social media messages. A 2012 study by Derby, Knox and Easterling found that about two-thirds of participants admitted to surreptitiously looking through a partner’s private messages, including social networking sites and texts on their phones.

In other words, these people had checked a partner’s phones or social networking sites without that person’s consent.

However, the risk that comes with checking your partner’s private correspondence is that you may find material that causes you to feel jealous.



This is a former sexual or romantic partner, or a former spouse. Some go the extra length of monitoring their previous partners.

Breakups are supposed to be the end of a relationship. Whether the end came via a fight or a mutual agreement between both partners, some exes take to social networking sites to keep ‘digitally connected’ to their former partner.

Before the advent of social media sites, people relied on updates from friends if they wanted information about an ex without directly contacting them.


Employers, Human Resources Personnel

Employers may monitor employees to track their activities especially engagement with workplace-related tasks.

A business using employee monitoring devices on a computer can measure productivity, track attendance, ensure security and collect proof of hours worked.

However, majority of workers believe their boss is spying on their activity, using tactics such as tracking their location, monitoring time spent away from their desk and tracking their internet browsing, according surveys.



This is a form of harassment, with the culprit tracking down a person’s social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. These are potential hunting grounds for stalkers.

According to the research report by WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse) in 2013, on Cyberstalking, the statistics show that in America women are more often victims of cyber-stalking compared to men with a ratio at 60 per cent women to 40 per cent for men.



Although this is yet to be proven, many believe that embassies can snoop on visa applicants’ social media accoounts in the course of verifying the suitability of such applicants to enter their respective nations.

BBC recently reported that the Trump administration approved plans to ask US visa applicants for details of their social media accounts.

It said visa seekers, whether visitors or would-be immigrants will be asked to provide details of their activities online via a new questionnaire.

Similarly, Russia added a number of ‘intrusive’ new questions to its already lengthy visa application forms, which includes details of applicants’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.




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