Health Zone: Your Urine Can Say A Lot About Your State Of Wellness

The appearance, taste and smell of our urines can say a lot about our state of health. A normal urine is straw colored, so any other coloration of the urine passes a verdict of what we have recently eaten or drunk. It can also indicate the presence of a disease in our body.

The kidney filters out what the body cannot use or store as components of our urines. So daily observations of our urines can help us to nip in the bud some diseases.

It is however, good to note that it is not always true that an abnormally colored urine indicates the presence of a disease. For example, a whitish appearance of the urine merely means we are drinking too much of water and very dark yellow urine is usually due to not drinking enough water.

Also, some drugs like rifampicin, phenazopyridine, some laxatives and warfarin can change our urine color. Also food like fava beans, rhubarb, beets, blueberries etc., can equally do the same without any presence of disease in our body.

However, many diseases and infections can also be given away by the mere appearance of our urines. For example, a syrupy or brown ale colored urine, even though usually a sign of severe dehydration, could also be a tell-tale sign of a liver disease. A pinkish to reddish urine color may be an indication of blood in the urine, a kidney disease, cancer, urinary tract infections, a problem with the prostate or a lead or mercury poisoning.

Also, a very dark or black urine is usually very serious, since it could be an indication of copper or phenol poisoning in our body. Jaundice makes urine appear very yellow.

A bluish to greenish urine, even though is most times due to the use of food colorants in cooking or from methylene blue used in making some drugs and for some tests or from some drugs like anti-vomiting drugs, or for reducing stomach acid, as well as drugs like anti-depressants, some antibiotics, anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories. But can also be due to some rare genetic conditions like Hartnup disease and Blue diaper syndrome.

In the hospitals, patients with in-dwelling catheters, infections or complications whose urines are collected in an urinary bag may have a purple colored urine. This is called “Purple urine bag” syndrome. This is usually as a result of the plastic component of the urine bag chemically reacting with the protein products in the urine.

Also urinary tract infection can make urine cloudy or milky. A frothy urine is usually due to high protein dietary consumption. This is because excess proteins cannot be stored in the body. So, nitrogen components in the proteins can get dislodged resulting in the frothiness. But kidney diseases could also cause protein leakage into the urine, even if the dietary protein consumption is normal.

The smells of urine may also tell us a lot about our state of wellness. In many cases, except when the person is dehydrated, urine usually smells not that bad, unless left to stand for sometimes, when bacteria contamination makes it to smell bad.

Generally, the sometimes ammoniacal smell of urine is due to dehydration. Uncontrolled diabetes, on the other hand, makes urine to smell sweet.

Some foods like asparagus can make urine to temporarily have a stinky smell. But when it persists, it may be an indication of a liver disease or a heavy presence of bacteria in the urine.

The taste of urine can also give away the presence of some diseases. It is not harmful if we taste a drop of our own urine, since whatever is in it, is already in our body. The taste of urine varies from watery to slightly biter, sour and even sugary.

Normal urine is usually salty and somehow bitter. A sweet tasting urine may be the first sign we have of diabetes. Jaundice makes urine taste as bitter as gall.

Changes in the smell, appearance and taste of urine may portend trouble and we may need further tests to rule out any ongoing abnormality in our body. It will therefore,  be at our own peril, if we ignore these daily messages, God uses our urines to relay to us about our state of wellness.

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